Brussels - Belgium

Today's music, by today's people for today's world. Ancienne Belgique is a hotbed for young and emerging artists. Known for featuring fresh talent, come here to experience authentic live music.

Thursday 11.05.2017 - AB - Brussels - Belgium

Europe day

Firestone teams up with Liveurope to celebrate the third edition of Europe Day with emerging European talent at AB! Using intricate polyrythmics and strong melodies, Norwegian duo Tobias Ørnes and Simen Følstad Nilsen also known as Aiming for Enrike are making waves on the European music scene with their powerful progressive rock anthems. Dressed as astronauts with out-of-this-world ambitions, Meteor Musik is a three person Belgian collective known for creating live synthesizer music reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Automat. French electronic music artist Franck Hueso, better known as Carpenter Brut, mixes metal, rock, and soundbites from horror films to deliver his unique electro house/synthwave sound.

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