Lille - France

Hosting a variety of shows in all art disciplines, L'Aéronef is a cultural epicentre. The indepedent organisation supports young artists and helps you discover new music by coordinating themed meetups.

Thursday 18.05.2017 - Aeronef - Lille - France


James Kent, better known as Perturbator, is an electronic and synthwave musician from Paris, France. Inspired by cyberpunk culture and retrofuturist music from the `80s, Kent launched his career with his first EP ‘Night Driving Avenger’ in 2012. With four full-length albums to date, the former black metal guitarist struck a chord on the mainstream scene for his work on the video game soundtracks, Hotline Miami 1 & 2.  A perfect fusion of synthwave and metal, Firestone is proud to invite Perturbator to perform his latest music on the l’Aéronef stage.

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